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General Hospital Pictures
July 2, 2017

Screencaptures of Hudson's three most recent appearances in General Hospital  have just been added to our image archive. The episodes are from June. They were really interesting and Hudson's character Jake had quite some airtime with great scenes. Hope you could watch it, but if you missed them, make sure to visit the gallery.

Gallery Update
June 23, 2017

With this update, screencaptures of all of Hudson's scenes at the General Hospital  Nurses Ball are now in our image archive. And wasn't it a great event? Jake's storyline was not an easy one, and Hudson did such a fantastic job playing it!
Moreover, Hudson did an interview with Soaps in Depth, which can be found in the recent issue of the magazine. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find a picture of it here.

General Hospital Pictures
June 14, 2017

A whole bunch of new pictures from the General Hospital  Nurses Ball can now be found in our gallery. The new additions are screencaptures of Hudson's great performance in the first three episodes, two more stills from that episodes, and a cast picture. Yes that's right, Hudson was part of the Nurses Ball photoshoot this year! Make sure to view the new pictures in the image archive.

General Hospital Pictures
May 31, 2017

The image archive has just been updated with screencaptures of Hudson's appearance in the General Hospital  episodes from May 10-16. Moreover, an episode still from the General Hospital  Nurses Ball is also new in the gallery. And be sure to check back here frequently, because screencaptures of the Nurses Ball episodes are coming up in the next updates.

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